Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's Time to Head Back to School....

What a week!  I start back to school tomorrow (the kids go next Monday) and I have been trying to finish up alot of projects and getting together with friends before life gets crazy again (football and cheerleading start this week too!)

Here's what I managed to accomplish this week:
  • Hosted a going away party for my nanny.  I miss her soooooo much!
  • 2 colored pencil rolls for birthday gifts.  I followed this tutorial from Skip to My Lou.  I just made it taller to accommodate the length of the pencils.
  • I completed hemming 12 napkins for my kitchen
  • Knitted 2 dishclothes and almost finished a new wrap. 
  • Covered the stool from my classroom with new fabric.
  • Fought (and for the moment winning) a battle against squash borer worms in my yellow squash and zucchini and cucumber worms in my cucumbers. 
  • Moved the entire contents of my classroom from one hall to another, in 100 degree heat, without any air conditioning.  I even put up my bulletin boards!
  • Went to Bunco, Supper Club, dinner with a great friend and hosting Book Club at my house this afternoon
  • Back to school shopping for me and Boo Boo, luckily Bubba doesn't need anything to start school except a new backpack and I have that ordered. 
  • Laundry, grocery shopping, organizing.....
One the list for today -
  • Make homemade pesto for the freezer (my basil will go to seed next week if I don't get it done today) and Salsa with my abundance of jalapenos.
  • Host Book Club - making Stuffed Banana Peppers, Pesto Bruschetta and Lemon Squares
  • Sweep and wipe down the back porch for Book Club
  • Finish laundry
  • Finalize Meal Plan for the week so we don't resort to easy takeout!
  • Give both dogs their "back to school" bath
  • Pack up my school stuff and load the car for tomorrow. 
That's a lot to get done..... 

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