Tuesday, December 18, 2012

7 Days of Holiday Treats - Cut Out Sugar Cookies

When we were growing up, one of my mom's friends bought her a cookbook and on the inside cover dedicated it to the mistreated kids in our family who never got cut out sugar cookies.  After that, decorated sugar  cookies became a Santa treat tradition in our house.  Sometimes we made them from scratch, sometimes from a mix, but they were always left out for Santa on Christmas Eve.

My sister and I have continued the tradition with our kids at my mom's house.  On years we are all home for Thanksgiving we make them then, and when we are home for Christmas we make them Christmas Eve morning.  To speed up the process we now use a recipe that doesn't require refrigeration and a frosting recipe that hardens just a bit so the cookies store better. 

Hope you will consider leaving a few of these yummy cookies for Santa this year.  We know from exerience he really like them.

Cut Out Sugar Cookies from The Adventures of Sweet Sugarbelle
** I always use almond extract and I use at least 3 t if not a bit more -- we REALLY like almond around here.

Sugar Cookie Icing
I double this recipe, dividing it into 1 c portions and tinting each a different color for very festive cookies.

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