Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Adding a Little Bit to the Freezer

After my huge summer freezer cooking session, it takes awhile for me to have to fill up the freezer again, but it was time to restock some of the basics and I really wanted to try a couple of new things.

Over the past few days I have added the following to our freezer and pantry -

Pancakes - 25 pancakes
Sausage Balls - 5 dozen
Pumpkin Granola -
Pumpkin Apple Muffins - 16 muffins
Banana Oat Muffins - 16 muffins
Breakfast Casserole - 1
Dried Apples - 2 quarts
Waffles - 5 waffles

Tomato Bisque - 3 lunch servings
Santa Fe Chicken - 1 1/2 quarts

That should keep us set for breakfast until late January and give me some different lunch options.

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