Tuesday, December 29, 2009

January Kitchen Goal - Eat From the Pantry

My January Kitchen Goal is to eat from our pantry and reduce the number of trips and amout of money spent at the grocery store. I am in good company, as Money Saving Mom and FishMama are doing this as well and even hosting a challenge. So, I am signing up.

My goals are
  1. Only 1 trip to the grocery a week. Ideally this will be for milk, eggs, bread and fresh produce. However, I am not going to let really good deals go by that we need - the key word being need. For example, I am out of butter. If a really good deal for butter comes along, I will stock up on it.
  2. Shop from my pantry first, not my cookbooks. I have a bad habit of choosing recipes first and then having to buy alot of ingredients at the store. I am hoping this will change my menu planning behavior.
  3. Use my leftovers! I am the worst about saving food and then a week (or more) later throwing it away. This one will be hard.
  4. Use up the processed food we have in the house in order to focus on February's goal - Use less processed food.
I will be making one last grocery trip this year for the items we need for our New Year's Eve and New Years's Day Celebrations. I will be including milk, eggs, OJ and bread to get us started on our Pantry Challenge. Wish us luck!


  1. When eggs go on sale, you can buy enough for the whole month. The American Egg Board says that eggs are good fr 4-5 weeks after their expiration date. I only buy eggs when they go on sale for .99 a dozen, and I stock up thn (13 dozen at a time).

    Walmart had butter on sale bfore Christmas; I don't know if they still do, but it wa $1.50 a pound. Sam's Club always has butter for less than $2 a pound.

    If you buy apples on sale, they can last you 2-3 weeks in the fridge (as can carrots). Potatoes can last a long time as well, and frozen vegetables and fruits can also help you avoid a trip to the store.

  2. I agree with the leftovers. I am preplanning a leftover night in my menu this month.


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