Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kitchen Goals for 2010

In my recent blog surfing I came across a great idea. I do not remember where I saw it now, but please know this is not my original idea. Instead of creating a list of goals/resolutions for the year, she created a list of 12 things, one to focus on each month. I thought this made a lot of sense and certainly takes the pressure off trying to implement changes all at once. Below is my own list of twelve kitchen goals for the year.

1. Eat from the pantry. (January's Goal -Completed)

2. Use less processed foods. (Year long goal - great progress!)

3. Reduce takeout/delivery emergency/I'm just too tired to cook meals (February's Goal)

4. Menu plan consistantly and stick to the plan (Year long goal - good progress)

6. Add 5 new WW recipes to our menu rotation (not WW Recipes, but several new ones added)

9. Enlarge my garden and utilize it (March Goal - completed)

10. Preserve more this year. (Summer Goal - completed)

11. Type up all family favorites and add to cookbook (April Goal - completed)

12.  To Be Determined

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  1. I like those, I have made homemade tortillas and they are so easy and yummy. I do want to do the artisian bread, just haven't yet! have a blessed new year!

  2. Great goals! I have tried to use the farmers market more this past year and am looking forward to the Eat from the Pantry Challenge!

  3. I love "your" idea of splitting up the resolutions. I think I'm going to do that too. I want to try homemade tortillas. I did do the artisian bread and it turned out great! Good Luck with that! I'm also doing the pantry Challange - that shoud be interestng. Have a great new year!

  4. What a great idea! I think I'll have to make a 'year-long' list like that, too. I betyou could have a lot of fun with it.
    Re, number 11: my mother gave each of 9 out of 11 of her grandchildren a scrapbook filled with her favorite recipes. (The last 2 still live at home, with me, so wouldn't need cookbooks yet.) And I got one for my birthday! We're all so excited to have 'Grandma's Recipes' to keep forever. I hope you are able to do the same. It took my mother about 9 months to do all the scrapbooks, but they were worth it. What an heirloom!
    I started preserving this past year, but only tomatoes from the farmstand. It was a learning process (pun not intended!) and so far I think I did all right--we ate from one jar and no one got ptomaine. You should see my mother's pantry--there has to be 100 jars of this and that in there, all canned by her. My sister says our mother's basement would be the place to be if the country was under attack--no one would go hungry, LOL!


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