Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kitchen Goals Update #2

It's time to update my 2012 kitchen goals.  Each year I set 12 goals (one per monthish) to work on in my kitchen.  Here's how I am doing since my last update

Goal 3 - Limit dining out/take out/deliver to 2-3 times/month - working really hard on this one since we returned home after our house flooded.  I think we have eaten our 3 times in July.  Hopefully that will be it.

Goal 6 - Better utiliziation of garden produce - less waste - this has been a miserable failure.  28 days out of our house and 100 degree temps have really make it almost impossible to keep the garden up.  In fact, I only got 4 of my 6 beds even planted.  I'm scrapping this on until next year.  I did get 8 jars of banana pepper mustard and 6 half pints of pepper jelly made before I pulled up most of the garden.

Goal 7 - Dehydrate and freeze more - See Goal 6! 

Goal 8 - Update Family Favorites and Freezer Cookbook - Freezer Cookbook is done and I have a plan and all the supplies for the Family Favorites

Goal 9 - Learn to make and freeze creamed corn - DONE!   A friend and I put up 13 quarts of corn together.  Plenty to get us through the winter.  It was easier than I thought, and delicious!

Goal 12 - Let my kids cook more - SUCCESS!  Both kids are helping me in the kitchen ALOT.  They are learning so much and the kitchen doesn't seem like foreign country to them anymore.  Boo Boo is the most involved, but Bubba has really helped this summer as well.

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