Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kitchen Goals Update #1

It's time for a Kitchen Goals 2012 Update.  Each year I set some goals to accomplish in the kitchen and update my progress from time to time.  I try to work on one goal/month, with 2 -3 being year long goals.  You can see my complete 2012 list here.

Kitchen Goal Progress - 

Goal #1 - Pantry Challenge (3rd year)- SUCCESS
Each January for the past 3 years I have joined Jessica at Good Cheap Eats in a pantry challenge for the entire month.  I was very successful with the goals I set for my pantry challenge this year.  Check out my wrap up post - Pantry Challenge Wrap Up

Goal #2 - Clean Out Utensil Drawer - SUCCESS
Not only did I clean out and purge my ever challenging utensil drawer, but I also cleaned out the refrigerator (took out all the shelves, washed and disinfected them).  What a difference to cook in a clean and organized work space!

Goal #4 - More Vegetables in our Menu Plan - In Progress
I still have a LONG way to go on this one, but I have been slowly trying work new veggies into our menus.  So far I have made Acorn Squash and Brasied Cabbage.  The fam wasn't a big fan of the acorn squash, but Bubba and I both really liked the cabbage.  I think I might try to grow a couple in our garden this summer.

Goal #12 - Let My Kids Cook More - In Progress
We have really been working on this one and suprisingly, both kids are on board.  I knew Boo Boo would be game as she loves to help in the kitchen, but Bubba has really been a HUGE help as well.  They now make their own sandwiches, Easy Mac, heat their own leftovers, Bubba gets his breakfast ready before school.  Boo Boo made Banana Chocolate Chip muffins start to finish this weekend.  Now if I can just get them to clean up their mess.....

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