Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Meal Planning and A Pantry Challenge

Conducting a successful Pantry Challenge is impossible without meal planning.  If you don't plan to use what you have, you will end up at the grocery store or the drive thru or at a restaurant, blowing your small January grocery budget.  I try to meal plan all the time, but during a Pantry Challenge it is a necessity.

I start out by checking the refrigerator for things that need to be eaten quickly.  Today I found bacon, proscuitto, lettuce, celery, green onion, pesto, smoked sausage, and bagels.  I also checked the freezer and we have an abundance of brats, italian sausage and mac and cheese.  In the pantry I had black eyed peas, plenty of canned tomatoes, hot dog buns and a 1/2 bag of potatoes.  These items will make up the bones of my meal plan. 

Sunday -Black Eyed Pea Jambalaya, Salad
     used - celery, green onion, smoked sausage, proscuitto, black eyed peas and lettuce
Monday - Grilled Brats, Peas and Mashed Potatoes
     used - brats and potatoes
Tuesday - Tomato Basil Pasta with Italian Sausage, Salad (recipe coming this week)
     used pesto, italian sausage, lettuce, canned tomatoes
Wednesday - Salad and Sandwich Bar
     used lettuce, bagels
Thursday - Teriyaki Chicken, Rice, Salad, Fruit
     used the last of the lettuce
Friday - Subway - Nanny's treat
Saturday - meeting a college friend for dinner

I didn't use the mac and cheese or bacon, so those will start off the list for next week's menu.

Next week I will be featuring a different pantry recipe each day.  Stop by for recipes for

Monday - Mexican Rice
Tuesday - Veggie Quesadillas
Wednesday - Tomato Basil Pasta with Italian Sausage
Thursday - Fried Rice
Friday - Links to many pantry recipes

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  1. Sounds like you don't have to make a trip to the grocery store! The frig and pantry are where I look first to put a meal together!


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