Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pantry Challege Week 3 Wrap Up

We did very well on our Pantry Challenge this week.  We did have an unscheduled dinner pick up from Wendy's this week because my tutoring session went LONG and I couldn't even begin to cook until after 8:00, so we opted for a quick drive thru meal on Thursday.  However, I had only spent $12.00 on fresh veggies and dairy at the grocery store that week, so even with our $15.00 Wendy's trip we were still WAYYYY under our usual food expenditures. 

I managed to do a bit of freezer cooking this week as well.  We own a small restaurant and when there are extra items that will not be used before the expiration date and are not needed at the Salvation Army soup kitchen, I am the lucky recipient.  My DH brought home 10 pounds of ground beef and 6 white onions.  I quickly turned that into 5 meals of homemade meatballs and 12 half-cup portions of frozen chopped onions.   I also made pancakes and chicken taquitos.   I love that I was able to add to the freezer and still keep up with our pantry challenge. 

My refrigerator is getting bare.  We've used up lots of condiments and made better use of leftovers this month.  My freezer is showing signs of emptimess, which is good as it needs a good defrosting.  You can see what we are eating from the freezer this week on my weekly menu post.  Every meal starts with an item or two from the freezer.  I still need to do a thorough inspection of my pantry.   The kids just kind of throw things in there and I'm not sure what exactly is in there.  That will be this week's project and make next week's meal plan from what I find in there. 

Hope everyone is doing well on their own challenge. 

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