Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Kitchen Goals

Year 4 of setting 12 kitchen goals -- one for every month.  I have done some really cool things over the past 3 years.  I learned to make my own hummus and freeze creamed corn just like my Granny.  I have decreased our comsumption of processed foods.  I have cleaned out drawers, pantrys and cabinets.  I added to and increased my garden output and preservation.  I utilized my extensive Southern Living Cookbook collection and created freezer and family favorite cookbooks.   Whew, I get tired of just thinking about it! 

Here are my goals for this year, some are new, some are carryovers from prevous years and some are continutations of goals that have worked in the past.

Goal 1 - Pantry Challenge (4th year)
Goal 2 - Eat Sunday dinner at the kitchen table.
Goal 3 - Add at least one healthy recipe/month to our Family Favorites Cookbook
Goal 4 - Clean out ALL kitchen cabinets -- downsize
Goal 5 - Better use of leftovers - less waste
Goal 6 - Cook ahead on Sunday for the rest of the week
Goal 7 - Use kitchen appliances - if I don't use it, get rid of it
Goal 8 - Kids cook more
Goal 9 - Redesign some of my kitchen cabinets for better space utilization
Goal 10 -  Learn to make 3 more items I would usually buy at the grocery store
Goal 11 - Plan better lunches to take to work

I only have 11 goals this year, but some are pretty intense, like goal 4 -- I have 34 kitchen cabinets and 9 drawers!  However, each goal is designed to make my time in the kitchen more efficient and better for my family.

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