Monday, February 14, 2011

What's For Lunch - February 7th

Week 6 of my "Bring My Lunch to Work" project.  I sooooo did not want to pack my lunch Sunday night!  No leftovers, no sandwich meat, no good snacks... I really just wanted to "plan" to pick up Zaxby's or eat in the cafeteria.  I knew I had to come up with something to make me head back to the kitchen and pull a decent lunch together, so I did the math. 

1 trip to Zaxby's  - $8.00
4 days eating in the cafeteria - $14.00
5 days Coke from the vending machine - $3.75

Total Saved/Week - $25.75

I got my lazy behind up off the couch and made lunch!

Monday - PB & J, Fruit, Babybel Cheese
Tuesday - Ham, Salami and Cheese Sandwich, Cheez-Its, Brownie
Wednesday - Bean with Bacon Soup, Crackers, Yogurt with Granola 
Thursday - Ham, Salami and Cheese Sandwich, Cheez -Its, Banana-Orange Muffin
Friday - Vanilla Yogurt and Granola, Banana - Orange Muffin

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