Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Kitchen Goal - Enlarge my garden and utilize it.

One of my Kitchen Goals for 2010 was to expand my vegetable garden. My dh helped me accomplish this goal this weekend when he added 3 raised beds to my original 3, effectively more than doubling my garden space. My soil arrives on Saturday so the planting can really begin!

Garden Before Addition -

After Additon -

There are 3 new beds, the farthest one will be my potato bed. I have ordered Kennebec and Red Pontiacs to plant. I am going to use the technique described here to get the most out of my space. The middle new section is reserved for my strawberries. I ordered 25 Day Neutral plants that should produce spring, summer and fall. My hope is to have strawberries this summer. The other new section will be a mix of tomatoes, peppers and squash. Two of the original beds have been planted with peas, lettuce, spinach and onions. The third will hold my herbs and more peppers and tomatoes. We also puchased 5 blueberry bushes. I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

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