Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kitchen Goal for February - Reduce Takeout

Back in December I set some Kitchen Goals for 2010. We did really well on our January Goal of Eating from our Pantry. My goal for February has been to reduce takeout and delivery because I was too tired to cook or to lazy to meal plan.

So far so good! Absolutely no pizza or chinese delivery at our house this month! In fact, we have only eaten out 3 times and those had nothing to do with not planning ahead or being too tired to cook.

2/5 - my parents came to town to visit. I had Chicken Pot Pie planned, even had the chicken cooked, but they rolled into town and were craving Mexican food, so they treated us to our favorite Mexican place.

2/9 - I had planned to make PW's meatballs only to come home from work and discover my dh had made hamburgers for lunch out of my meatball meat! We had an appointment and I didn't have time for a plan B, so we ended up going through a drive thru.

2/11 - we have activites at 4:30, 5:15 and 6:45 tonight, so due to this one week crossover between basketball, gymnastics and lacrosee we will be stopping for sub sandwiches.

Not bad, considering that the pizza and chinese delivery guys not only know our regular orders by heart, but greet our dogs at the door by name.

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