Thursday, April 1, 2010

Freezer Cooking Day - April

Money Saving Mom and Life as Mom are hosting their monthly Freezer Cooking Day. Since our Spring Break begins tomorrow, I am all up for participating. Here is my list -

1. Chop and portion a boneless ham I got on sale this week.
I will use chopped ham for our Baked Potato Nights, in Potato Cheese Soup, Omlets, and

2. Natalie's Beans
I had a friend that attended law school in Texas. She brought this recipe back with her and it
is a family favorite now. Great with all our Mexican dishes.

3. Squash Casserole
A southern standard

4. Pancakes

5. Blueberry Muffins

6. Banana Bread

7. Chocolate Chip and Kentucky Sugar Cookie Dough

8. Smoothie Mixes
I saw this idea at A Slob Comes Clean and I think I will try it out. My son has a protein shake
every morning for breakfast and I think this might just make it easier and quicker to make. I
am going to put individual portions in Ziploc bags and see how it works. Hopefully it will be so
easy, he can make his own shake in the morning....

9. Whole Chicken and Broth
I will cook a whole chicken, shredd the meat and freeze in meal size portions for enchiladas
and chicken pot pie. I will cook the bones in the broth for a couple of hours, then freeze in 2 c

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  1. Thanks for linking to me! I hope the smoothies turn out great for you. I would love to see your beans recipe. I'm also cooking some today, in my crockpot, but I've never been completely satisfied with the seasoning.


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