Saturday, August 27, 2011

Eliminating Empty Calorie Snacks

My 7 (almost 8) year old daughter is always hungry, even though everytime I turn around she is eating something.  I tracked her eating for 5 days, including school lunches, school snacks, after school time with Nanny and snacks at friends' houses when I am not around to help make the snack choices.  I realized very quickly that she was eating and drinking ALOT of empty calories - meaning sugar. 

She makes great food choices at meal times and eats a great variety of things, we are just working on her snack choices and I am letting her shop and plan for her snacks with me.  She loves apples and peanut butter, carrots and ranch, string cheese and yogurt.  But those can get old very quickly.  I am looking for some baked goods I can make for her that she will enjoy as well.   I already substitute half the flour in my cookie recipes with whole wheat flour, but I was thinking of some kind of bar or healthy mufin recipes. 

So, my question to you is....  what healthy snacks do you give your kids? 

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  1. My son is 14 and plays football. He struggles to get enough calories each day, believe it or not! I'm so thankful that his coach really stresses avoiding empty calories and discourages soda, chips, etc. Here are some of the things I try to have on hand for him:

    His favorite snack ever - a tortilla with peanut butter and Nutella
    Greek yogurt
    Whole Milk (the rest of us drink Skim)
    Slim-Fast powder (the team nutritionist loves this and recommends that the boys drink 3 per day)
    sliced cheese - I buy bars of cheddar, co-jack, or pepper jack and slice them into individual servings
    homemade granola bars
    homemade oatmeal cookies


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