Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday Garden Party 2012 #1

The Tuesday Garden Party has returned at An Oregon Cottage.  And as luck would have it I started working on my garden this weekend.  I spent a great deal of time dealing with these
Weeds, weeds, and more weeds.  Our mild winter here in Georgia has created a bumper crop of weeds in all my flower beds and especially my raised vegetable beds.  I have tried Jamie's no till method of covering my beds with plastic to kill the weeds, but here in GA that only creates a haven for sugar ant and their infernal anthills and after loosing my entire strawberry crop to those sugar ants last year, pulling weeds it is for me.  And as much as I don't really want to I'm going to have to treat the weeds and put down a pre-emergent to keep the weeds from taking over anything I plant this year.  I'm in for at least 3 weeks of work before I even get a plant in the ground.  Those homegrown tomatoes, cucumbers and jalapenos will be worth it later on!


  1. I feel your weedy pain! We have an abundance of them, and like you said, most of those other methods just don't seem to work the same here in the sunny South. And ants killed our attempt at strawberries last year, too. :(

  2. I envy your mild Georgia weather, but I imagine it provides a perfect climate for growing weeds, as you mention. We have our share of weeds in the Pacific Northwest as well--I have an ongoing battle with quackgrass, and I need to get on it and get out and do more weeding, but the weather has not always been cooperative to working outdoors as of late. But soon! Looking forward to your posts at the Garden Party this season!

    1. I'm sorry--I don't have much luck leaving comments using Blogger--I'm at

  3. Weeds - the bane of gardener's everwhere! Keep up the good work!


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