Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Break!!!!

It is finally Spring Break!  We are staying in town for our break and taking advantage of the time off to do some things at home.  Here's our list --
  • Make a ribbon memo board for Boo Boo's room
  • Make grape jelly, maybe strawberry too
  • Upload and organize 2012 pictures
  • Make UK Blue Velvet Cupcakes
  • Weed control, fertilizer and soil amendment on vegetable garden
  • Movie Day
  • Make Homemade Pizza
  • Bubba -- plan and cook an entire meal
  • Boo Boo -- bake muffins and make pudding ice cream sandwiches
  • Inventory Freezers
  • Tryout new smoothie flavors
  • Make a couple of craft projects (bunny garland and decorated clipboards)
  • Clean out home office
  • 2 doctors appointments
  • Begin working on  summer "To Do List"
  • Host Easter Dinner
  • Get taxes done
  • Host National Championship Party and watch the CATS win
  • Plenty of rest and relaxation!
It's a big list and hopefully its a good balance of work and play.  Here's to a GREAT week!

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