Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10 Things in 10 Days Final Accounting

Shabby Chic Cottage is hosting 10 Tasks in 10 Days at her lovely, inspiring blog.  I was late in discovering the event, but decided to play along on my own 10 day timeline.  Today is accounting day.  Let's see just how much I completed!

1.  Clean out Boo Boo's room - Completed!

2. Make 4 different types of jam - Strawberry Jam, Strawberry-Jalapeno Jam, Spiced Cherry Jam and Mojito Jelly - Completed!

3. Inventory both garage freezers - Inventoried, defrosted and because they were so empty, filled again!

4. Put together garage organizers - Completed!

5. Find a home for the plastic bins in the corner of my bedroom - Completed!  Also filled 3 other and found them a home too.

6. Wash porch furniture and porch - Completed!

7. Clean out Boo Boo's playhouse - this might be more than I can handle.....

8. Stain bookcases for office - I have put this off far too long

9. Make 4th of July decorations - 2 wreaths and paper pinwheels - Completed!

10. Write and post 3 book reviews for my much neglected Book Blog - Books chosen and notes made, but no reviews written yet...
 Bonus -

11. Sew table runner for kitchen table - it is cut, pressed and ready to go, just need to sew it together

12. Pedicure! - much needed! I am thinking red for the 4th.
Five tasks were completed as written and two tasks (bins and freezer inventories) became much larger projects than I anticipated.  Check out my Marathon Cooking Session Plans and Final Total The projects I did not get completed, I still plan on finishing before I go back to school on August 2nd.  Real progress on some projects I had REALLY been putting off for way too long. 

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