Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Garden Party - April 19th

 These are my roses, not so great looking.  They are a mess actually.  Usually at this time of year they are orderly and in the process of filling out to produce beautiful pink, white and yellow roses.  Not this year.  As I was preparing to cut them back several weeks ago, I found this....

A momma cardinal sitting on 3 lovely speckled eggs in a nest she made in my yellow rose bush.  There was no way I was cutting my roses back and jeopardizing Momma Cardinal and her three babies.  So, I will just have to do without my usual gorgeous display of roses this summer. 

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  1. oh how neat is that.......xoxo, tracie

  2. What a great picture! I have a large rose bush in the backyard, and a few years ago I was just starting to prune it when I discovered a nest in the middle of it. So I can comiserate with your situation!

  3. WOW! What wonderful pictures. Thanks so much for sharing. We don't have cardinals out here in the Pacific Northwest so it is always a joy to see pictures of them. Keep us posted on those eggs.

  4. Of course you can't- but what a lovely thing to have to work around (and much better than a rose of mine that I haven't gotten to...but no bird as an excuse!). :-)

    An Oregon Cottage


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