Monday, April 18, 2011

What's For Lunch - Week of April 11th

Back to school after Spring Break is hard, just that little taste of what summer will be like makes it difficult to get back into the routine.  BUT, tempting as it was to forgo making my lunch this week, I persevered and as always, come lunch time I was glad I did.

Monday - Roast Beef Sandwich with Horseradish Cheese (YUM!), Pretzels, Banana
Tuesday - Chicken Salad with Crackers, Babybel Cheese, Banana
Wednesday - Roast Beef Sandwich with Horseradish Cheese, Pretzels, Banana
Thursday - Leftover Roasted Sausage and Potatoes, Strawberries and Grapes
Friday - Zaxby's House Salad - I NEEDED this today !

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