Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday Garden Party #3

Linking up again to Jamie's Tuesday Garden Party hosted at An Oregon Cottage

This is my first hydrangea of the year.  This is the official sign for me that summer is here!   Our rich, acidic Georgia red clay makes these beauties a gorgeous pale blue.  Probably my favorite summer flower.  I have 4 HUGE plants, just bursting with buds.  Can't wait to show y'all how beautiful they are in full bloom. 


  1. Gorgeous hydrangea! I wish we could grow them like that!

  2. Love your hydrangeas! If you are near Douglasville, Georgia, they are going to be having their annual Hydrangea Festival the first weekend in June. Lots of pretty hydrangeas to be seen :)

  3. What a beautiful blue color! I wonder what amenities I need to add to my soil to get that same color? My are a basic white - when they bloom!

  4. Country Gal - Add aluminum sulfate or garden sulfate to your soil in the spring to get blue. you can also add lime to turn them pink. However, I think white ones are just white, unless their is a tint of blue or pink to them. I have never seen a pure white one change colors. If they don't bloom, they might not be getting enough sun, they need at least partial sun in order to bloom. Good luck!

    Candi - I won't be in ATL that weekend. Bummer! I would love to see all of the different varieties.

  5. My hydrangeas are all blue (except for the white ones) and I wish they were pink. My girlfriend gets all pink ones and wishes they were blue. The grass is always greener...

    Thanks for sharing at the Tuesday Garden Party!

  6. Sooo pretty. I like to have lots of blooms, otherwise I feel guilty if I cut them for the house:)
    (on Oregon Cottage's garden tour)

  7. The hydrangeas look beautiful. Just stopping my from Tuesday garden party. My husband and I are considering planting some hydrangeas at our house in the new future. When we do you have inspired me to blog about them.


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