Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Garden Party #4

Linking up again to Jami's Tuesday Garden Party at An Oregon Cottage

There has been A LOT of growth in my garden the past 2 weeks.  Just look....

This is the largest of my green tomaotes.  I have about 8 more that are tiny and at least 20 more blooms.  Can't wait for that first ripe tomato. 

See those tiny white buds? Those are potato blooms and they are on EVERY ONE of my potato plants.  That means that under the ground I have little potatoes growing, just getting bigger and bigger, waiting for me to eat them.  Since potatoes were an experiment for me this year, I am particulary excited about this gardening milestone.

Here is my first head of broccoli.  It looks great and so far no unwelcome critters.  The sad part -- I am leaving town for about 10 days and this little beauty will be ready to eat while I am gone.  My husband is not a huge broccoli fan and will probably let it rot on the plant.  I think I am going to offer it to my neighbor if she will make sure my husband waters my other babies while I am gone.  The good news -- the other 8 plants have teeny tiny heads just started that I will be able to enjoy after I get back from my trip.

And finally, my peas.  Love that in each pod you can see the small peas starting to form.  Hopefully these will be ready when my new potatoes are.  Can't wait to make creamed potates and peas just like my Granny. 

Have a garden?  Jump over the An Oregon Cottage and share your progress. 


  1. Drooling over your garden! Mine is barely planted and hardly up yet!

  2. Your garden looks awesome! We have blooms on alot of things, but no fruit yet. Still waiting :)

  3. Wow, I'm impressed how big your tomato and broccoli are. Thanks for stopping by my garden. Glad you linked up to Garden Party Tuesday.

  4. I am not a gardener at ALL but I do have 2 tomato plants and a pepper plant! I can't wait until I can use them! I just made a nummy roasted zucchini and tomato sauce for ravioli tonight and would have loved to use my own tomatoes! Thanks!

  5. Hi, stopping by for Jami's Garden Tour. I'm drooling over your tomatoes and peas. Yummy! We're still having rain in the Pacific NW. I'm dreaming of all those yummy veggies!

  6. Oh yeah, Jenny- one of the dishes we love from the garden is creamy peas and new potatoes. We only eat it once or twice, but we sure look forward to it each year!

    Thanks for participating in the Garden Party!

  7. Ok, the first thing I thought was, "you are sooo not an Oregon gardener!" Then I saw your banner... green with envy here:) Everything looks wonderful... can't believe you have green tomatoes already. Congrats on your potatoes!

    visiting from Jami's

  8. Last year was my first for potatoes--they're like unearthing buried treasure. Hope yours do as well :)

  9. Congratulations! Your kitchen garden is looking so healthy. I have a veggie garden too and I get so excited to see how much it grows everyday.


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