Monday, January 30, 2012

Final Pantry Challenge Update

Heading into the last few days of the Pantry Challenge,  my pantry and freezer are lighter, but still with plenty, so even though the challenge ends on Tuesday, we are going to continue the challenge through the end of the week and possibly into next.

Looking back over the whole month, we ate some great food, while focusing on using what we had. 

Goals for the January Pantry Challenge -

1.  Spend Less - we usually spend about $100/week or $400 for the month.  This month I didn't shop some weeks, but also stocked up on some good sales.  Overall we averaged $50/week or $200 for the month, cutting our grocery bill by 50%.  Not bad!

2.  Clean out pantry and freezer - my pantry is clean and organized, my kitchen freezer is cleaned out and refilled with homemade breakfast items.  The 2 freezers in the garage are emptier, but still need organization.  Hopefully I will get that done in the next few days.

3.  Add some new recipes to our menu rotation and revisit some old favorites - I tried several new recipes from my Southern Living Cookbook collection and my Pinterest boards.  We loved the following recipes -
I also revisited some recipes I hadn't made in awhile. 
When some think of doing a Pantry Challenge, they think you eat rice and beans alot and go without.  That was certainly not the case in our house this month.  In fact, if you asked my family they probably didn't notice a difference from any other month.  I'll certainly be doing this again in the future.

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  1. I'm so wishing I had hopped on the Pantry Challenge in January ... doing a modified reduced spending for February as January was out of control :( ... going to check out the french dip sandwiches ... somehow I know I have everything on hand to make them :) congrats on a successful challenge!


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