Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday Garden Party #5

15 Days away from home with my garden in the hands of my husband proved to be not quite as disastrous as I had feared.  DH did make sure everything was watered and he even pulled a few weeds, but pest control was just more than he could handle.  However, while I lost a few things, most of my garden is looking good.  I am looking forward to big harvests in the next 3 -4 weeks.

I had to replant my zucchini as grub worms had decided to make their home in the stalks.  I am the only person on the planet that cannot grow zucchini!   I planted my cucumbers very late, can't wait for them to start producing! See those little tomato plants?  They are volunteers from last year.  They are growing between my raised bed and garden box.  I am going to leave them there and see what happens....

My red, white and sweet potatoes seem happy enough.  There is however an ant colony in this bed that I have been unsuccessful at getting of.  I hope they are not wreching havoc on my lovely potatoes....

My broccoli fell victim to caterpillars while I was gone.  I am going to try again in the fall.  My Roma tomoatoes are doing very well.  They are a bit on the small side, but there are alot of them.  Four of them are just starting to turn, so I expect a homegrown tomato on my menu this week. 

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  1. Jenny, I have found a kindred spirit! I seem to fail everytime I attempt to grow zucchini. I have replanted one more time and I hope they make it this time!! I love the Roma tomatoes and all the potatoes!!

  2. We are wanting to try potatoes, but I just am scarred to plant them!! They look so good!!! We may still add them, who knows!!!

    Everything looks so great!

  3. I've only had ants be a problem in decaying foods (like strawberries...), so your potatoes should be good- I hope! Nice to see you at the TGP!


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