Saturday, April 24, 2010

My New Project - The Office....

I can't believe I am showing these pictures. This is our office/craft room and it is a mess. This room gets a great deal of use. The main computer is here. Any lesson planning and grading I do at home is done here. Household paperwork and bills are kept in this roorm. All crafting is done here as well, and we do ALOT of crafting. Boo Boo is the crafting queen and always has a project in the making. Let me also say that Boo Boo is a slob in training. Somewhere along the way in her 6 1/2 years of life I have failed to teach her how to pick up after herself. I try, I really do, but she just doesn't get it. She will be my helper throughout this process, no matter how long it takes. The rest of my house is organized and relatively clutter free, mostly because it all ends up in here. If it doesn't have a place, just put it in the office. My quest for this weekend and probably much of next is to get this place in shape.

View from the door. Please note all the furniture in this room.... More than would fit in most studio apartements.

View from the computer desk. Oh, I have soooo much work to do.

View from the closet - Closet you say, well that is another post entirely.

I will keep you updated with my progress.....

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