Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break Oh Ten!

This week is Spring Break and we decided not to go anywhere so it is a week full of cooking, gardening, crafting, playing and sleeping over (and a few doctor's appts sprinkled in). We are even planning a trip to the zoo before heading back to school on Monday.

Our cooking plans -
  1. Finish my freezer cooking plans that got derailed by a BEAUTIFUL weekend.
  2. Coconut Cupcakes and Rice Krispy Treats
  3. Jalapeno Strawberry Jam (have you see the price of strawberries? You can't NOT make jam right now)
  4. Dinner each night

Our gardening plans -

  1. Plant shade tolerant cutting flower seeds in our shady bed
  2. Plant broccoli
  3. Plant strawberries and potatoes if they arrive from Burpee this week
  4. Plant rosemary bush

Our crafting plans -

  1. a spring wreath for the door
  2. pillow covers for the dog's pillows (yes, he is spoiled and has his own pillows)
  3. embellish several t-shirts for Boo Boo (ribbon, felt, applique, etc)
  4. maybe some scrapbooking thrown in
  5. lots of coloring and painting for Boo Boo (we LOVE these coloring pages)
Pictures to follow as we accomplish our fun plans!

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