Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break Comes to an End....

Well, it is back to school tomorrow and before I head off to meal plan and make sure we all have something to wear tomorrow I wanted to recap our week. We accomplished several goals on our original list and many, many more things as well. Some things just didn't happen, mostly because something more fun came along!

Cooking Plans -
  • We made Rice Krispy treats and peanut butter cookies
  • We made dinner several nights, but were invited to two GREAT parties so I got off the hook a few nights!
  • I did not finish my Freezer Cooking plans, but will do it slowly over the next week.
  • The Strawberry Jalapeno Jam is on hold until next weekend. I had gardening to do!
Gardening Plans -
  • The broccoli got planted as did some strawberries, but not the ones from Burpee, they still haven't arrived. Neither have the potatoes.
  • The shady tolerant flower seeds are going in the ground right after dinner tonight, if not before.
  • The rosemany is planted and thriving.
Crafting Plans -
  • Pillows for the dog are complete and well loved
  • I made a cover for my Nook with the extra fleece (picture later this week)
  • We made a fantastic arts and craft caddy
  • My daughter made wedding cake pin cushions that are adorable!
  • We made 4 embellished t-shirts (I will be showing these off soon)
  • I made a jute covered vase for a gift (picture coming)
  • We colored and colored and colored!
  • My spring wreath is in progress and I hope to finish it very soon.
  • I learned how to make fabric and crochet yo yos!
  • We also purchased or found materials for at least 5 more projects
  • We added about 50 new craft blogs to our list of favorites!
And our big adventure.... We went to the zoo!!!

It has been a great break and I am really sad to see it end, but only 35 more days of school and then we can do these fun things for 8 weeks!

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