Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pinterest and a Pantry Challenge

Week Three of the Pantry Challenge has me getting a bit creative as I am using up certain ingredients that have been lying around my kitchen for far too long.  Last week I used my extensive Southern Living Cookbook collection for inspiration.  This week, I turned to my Pinterest Boards to jump start my menu plan. 

I matched up what I had in the freezer and pantry with some of the recipes I had pinned to my Recipes to Try board.  The following made the cut and I will be reviewing them later on.

There were many other recipes I could have made, but I decided I probably shouldn't experiment on my family too many times this week.  

How's my pantry/freezer looking at Week 3?  Well, the inside freezer was empty until last weekend when I cooked up a variety of items for the freezer from what I had on hand.  Now, it is almost full of yummy, quick, nutritious breakfast items. 

The small freezer in the garage is quickly emptying out.  With the exception of a Key Lime Pie (leftover from a catering job) and a turkey breast, it is mostly cheese, tortillas, butter and creamer.  

The upright freezer in the garage is beginning to look a bit bare, but there is still a lot of food in there! 

I did do some shopping this week.  Publix was having a great sale on many of the items we use all the time and many things we were out of or dangerously low on.  Between Publix and Walmart, I spend $122.00.  Add this to the $50.00 I already spend this month and we are still on a path to saving over $250.00 this  month.  For the rest of the month, I should only have to buy milk and fresh fruits and veggies, totaling about $25.00. 

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  1. Pinterest is always a good source of inspiration. Good for you for getting creative. :)

  2. You are doing great! I have had fun trying some things off of Pinterest as well.


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