Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Pomanders

One of our family holiday traditions is making pomaders to display.  This is an activity my husband brought from his family traditions and I am so glad we have adopted in for our small family.  These smell heavenly!  Everyone that has walked in my house remarks on how good the house smells.  They claim it smells just like Christmas. 

All you need to make pomanders are oranges, whole cloves, some willing helpers and time. 

Select thin skinned oranges, navel oranges will not work, the skin is to thick and you will break all of your cloves.  Buy a large container of whole cloves, I get mine at a restaurant supply store, but I am sure Costco, Sam's, etc will have them. 

Simply, push the cloves into the orange.  It is that simple.  We cover some entirely, others we make simple patterns. 

When finished, place them in a festive bowl or basket and display.  We like to place them on our coffee table for maximum smell power.  Protect wood furniture from these as direct contact with the oils from the orange and cloves may damage wood. 

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  1. I bet your fingers STILL smell delightful! I've always loved this festive craft.


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