Friday, January 28, 2011

What's For Lunch - Week of January 24th

Still on track - eventhough I had to resort to PB&J one day last week, I have managed to take my lunch to work each day.  I have also been taking sweet tea to drink with lunch each day.  It is kind of a pain to take it, but I am determined to kick my Coke-A-Day habit at school.  Then, on Tuesday I made the greatest discovery.  Our wonderful cafeteria workers make sweet and unsweet tea each day for teachers.  They set up a station for us with ice, water, tea and lemon wedges.  Since their sweet tea is sweeter than I like, I mix sweet and unsweet and have a FREE and lower calorie drink than a $.075 Coke.  Love it!

Monday - Black Bean and Spinach Pizza
Tuesday - Mustard- Oregano Pork Chop, Orange Sweet Potatoes
Wednesday - Zaxby's Big Zac Snak and a Coke
Thursday - Pizza Hut Pepperoni Pizza as a celebration at school
Friday - Grilled Chicken and Couscous with Layered Salad

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