Sunday, January 2, 2011

January Kitchen Goal - Eat From the Pantry

Today begins the January Pantry Challenge at our house.  I am playing along with Life as Mom and Good Cheap Eats, just like last year.  This is part of my 2011 Kitchen Goals.  My rules are simple -

1.  Prepare meals from the pantry and freezer exculsively beginning January 1 and ending January 31st.  If I don't have a special ingredient to make a certain recipe, either find a substitute or a new recipe.

2.  Only buy dairy, bread and fresh fruits and vegetables during the month of January, trying to make due with what we have first.

3.  Utilize leftovers more effeciently.  I have a hard time with this one.

4.  The only "out" I am giving myself this month is for my Bunco night.  I am hosting and may have to buy some items to fill in the menu.  I will be "shopping" from my pantry for this first. 

In order to prepare for this challenge, I did a quick pantry clean out and make over in December.  I know exactly what is in my pantry and can plan accordingly.



Wish me luck.  Anyone wanting to join me, just leave a comment.  We can cheer each other on!  And on Tuesday, pop over to Life as Mom and link up your Pantry Challenge post.


  1. Hmmm...that's a LOT of peanut butter :) Don't worry, I counted 4 jars in my pantry and 3 jars of Nutella ... teens love the stuff! I too am on a pantry/freezer challenge but haven't set anything solid yet...just trying to clear the stuff out and not spend much!

  2. I really like how you set very specific goals for yourself regarding your freezer and pantry. My primary goal in participating is to use the food in our freezers and get them organized.


  3. I'm in as well! We have been spending too much and it's time to scale back. I even have a few new recipes I'm going to try with things I have on hand.


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