Friday, January 7, 2011

What's For Lunch? Week of January 3rd

In an attempt to achieve my goal of planning for lunches better this year, I will doing a weekly post of  what I take to work for lunch each day.   I teach at one of our local high schools and just can't take all the cafeteria carbs anymore.  I also get digusted at paying $3.75 for lunch, knowing I could make a better, more calorie friendly meal at home for much less.

Monday - Homemade Bean with Bacon Soup, Pimiento Cheese sandwich, yogurt
Tuesday - Taco Salad (leftover taco meat), tortilla wedges, grapes and yogurt
Wednesday - Homemade Bean with Bacon Soup, Pimento Cheese Sandwich, yougurt
Thursday - leftover spaghetti and salad
Friday- Leftover Sloppy Joe, applesauce, Homemade Granola Bar

Yeah!  I took my lunch every day this week (my goals is at least 3 days/week).  I also managed to take water or iced tea as well instead of hitting up the Coke machine.  So far so good.   One of my goals for the weekend it to make up a list of lunch friendly recipes. 

What do you take for lunch?


  1. I'm back in school as a student with few decent options for lunch. Like you did, I try to make sure I bring a decent lunch. Either leftovers from the previous dinner or a sandwich, yogurt, fruit.

    I plan to try my hand at freezing some veggie soup today in small portions that I can grab and throw in my lunch bag as well.

  2. Lauri,
    I plan on making some Taco Soup this week and freezing the leftovers for lunch. During the winter months, this might just be my go to plan for emergency lunches.


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